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Frequently asked questions

Owens Corning is the brand we utilize. Fiberglass blown-in insulation or fiberglass batting (rolls) insulation are both available. We also have cellulose insulation available. This insulation is exceptionally safe and has been certified by Energy Star. If you’re unsure about the appropriate insulation for your home, we’d be pleased to assess it and recommend the finest solutions.

Rodents are typically only found in the attic at night and early in the morning. When one of our professionals inspects the attic, they frequently exit due to human activity. Because the rodents will be sealed out of the structure, now is the time to seal any openings. In the unlikely event that a mouse becomes trapped in the attic after it has been shut, we will return to retrieve it. This is similar to employing traps; but, with rodent proofing, you are ensuring a long-term solution.

Sure, you may remain in the house while the work is being done. You are free to leave at any time. If you opt to leave, the Crew Leader might contact you before the task is completed.

Absolutely! Insulation will help keep comfortable temperatures throughout the year while reducing energy costs by up to 30%… You might think that it is better to have too much insulation than too little, but excessive insulation may actually harm the overall performance of your home’s HVAC system. Over-insulation restricts airflow through the ducts and reduces your home’s ventilation capability. This in turn gives rise to a host of issues, such as moisture problems, and harmful mold growth.

The session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the attic, the difficulty of maneuvering there, and whether you have any questions for the specialist. We strive to be as timely as possible while remaining comprehensive.

We certainly do! Commercial buildings, like residential homes, can suffer from rat infestations and inadequate insulation. Our team is capable of handling any size assignment. Contact us today for a free building inspection 602-706-5440

Every one of our technicians have ladders, as well as all of the other equipment required for the inspection.

Depending on our workload and the season, we can usually arrange any sort of work within a few days.

Still no luck? We can help!

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