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Expert Attic Cleaning & Decontamination for a Healthier Home

As time goes on, attics can become a breeding ground for dust, dirt, and allergens. Pests like rodents and insects may also find comfort in your attic, leaving behind droppings and causing damage. A neglected attic can lead to compromised indoor air quality and even impact the structural integrity of your home. Regular cleaning is essential to avoid these issues. 

Our experts at Attic R Us in Phoenix, AZ, specialize in attic cleaning and decontamination to ensure your attic is clean and ready for the new insulation to be put in. We also offer a rodent-proofing service to ensure pests do not damage your insulation. 

Call us at 602-706-5440 to learn more about our attic cleaning, decontamination, and rodent-proofing services. 

Our Attic Sanitization Services:

Attic Cleaning

Our specialists will thoroughly clean your attic of accumulated dirt, dust, and damaged insulation. We leave no corner untouched, ensuring your attic space is spotless and ready to install your new insulation.

Attic Decontamination

If rodents or pests have invaded your attic, they can leave hazardous waste and harmful pathogens behind. Attic decontamination is crucial to restore a healthy living environment. Our experts will sanitize every inch of your attic,

Why wait any longer? Request a free quote by calling us at 602-706-5440.

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